10 Universal Elements

Adapted from Church Planting Movements by David Garrison. The following 10 elements have been found in every church planting movement surveyed around the world. Prayer Abundant gospel sowing Intentional church planting Scriptural authority Local leadership Lay leadership Cell or house churches Churches planting churches Rapid reproduction Healthy churches As the #1 universal element, we believe prayer is the single most […]

What Is God Doing in North Africa?

No country in the region has a surviving Christian community that originated before the arrival of Islam. There has been Protestant missionary work in much of North Africa since the 1800s (it only began in Mauritania in the 1980s). The strength of the underground church varies, and the number of foreigners working and serving in-country […]

What Is Islam Like in North Africa?

Islam shapes many cultural features typical of the region. North Africans are generally proud to be Muslim, though they often do not practice consistently. Islam is often nominal and the people secular in outlook. People do not separate their national identity from their identity as Muslims. Mainstream Sunni Islam predominates. Governments in the region often […]

What Are the Greatest Struggles in North Africa?

All the countries are linked and largely dependent on Europe, both economically and culturally. Most countries are making steady strides in education and literacy. Primary education is widespread, and literacy rates are improving. A 25% unemployment rate is the highest of any region in the world. The small upper and middle classes often prosper amid […]

What is North Africa Like?

North Africa has massive mountain ranges dominating much of Morocco and Algeria, vast fertile valleys yielding vegetables, fruit, and grains, and the Sahara in the south. The beautiful beaches, ancient Arab cities, and Roman ruins attract countless tourists. Though the climates vary widely, all but the desert regions are quite livable. Known as the Maghreb […]


Boldness for North Africans to witness to friends and family.

Love & Unity

Love and unity among believers in North Africa


For God to send more laborers to North Africa.